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    Help naming little girl #3.

    My daughters' names are Wren Elizabeth and Sage Morgan. Our last name is Parker. We're adopting a little girl from the Congo. We'll keep her given name as a middle (we don't know what it is yet) but we need a first name that goes with Wren and Sage. We like the following but they somehow aren't feeling quite "right" to me. Please help!

    Rose (Not a fan of nn. Rosie)
    Hazel (A bit too popular?)
    Violet (Also too popluar, I think.)
    Elm (Hard to say? Nightmare on Elm Street an issue?)

    Dying to hear what you all come up with! Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks! I really like Aspen, but worry that it sounds to "wintery" on a child from Africa, ya know? I also love Josephine, but wonder if it sounds odd with the other names.

    Kate sounds super pretty with their names and I never would have considered it. Thank you!

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    Firstly good luck and your doing such an amazing thing!!

    Wren & Sage are gorgeous names. But they are unisex names. Yes nature unisex names but unisex. Which in my eyes rules out of a lot of these choices.

    Rose - gorgeous name, she's a lovely elegant choice. Rose has a great natural sound. I adore the flower association. Rose is just effortless but she feels too feminine and too traditional for Wren and Sage.

    Iris - another lovely classic, she's sweet and lively. But again she feels too traditional with Wren & Sage.

    Hazel - ugh never liked Hazel always think hazelnut...

    Violet - I think because Violet is a 'rediscovered' classic she works with Wren & Sage but I would still prefer a more unisex name like Lane.

    Elm - Never thought of Nightmare from Elm street until you mentioned it, but in everyday life without this association being pointed out people won't think of the name Elm in that way. Elm is pretty and she feels so refreshing. I like Wren, Sage, and Elm together. It's cute.

    Faye - I think despite Faye being a classic girl name she works with Wren and Sage because she's so light and doesn't feel heavy with femininity.

    Aspen - I love this choice especially with Wren and Sage, I really don't think Aspen is too wintry for a little girl from Africa at all.
    Cricket - 'Aspen, Wren, and Cricket'
    Maple - 'Aspen, Wren, and Maple'
    River - 'Aspen, Wren, and River'
    Dahlia - 'Aspen, Wren, and Dahlia'
    Meadow - 'Aspen, Wren, and Meadow'
    Calla - 'Aspen, Wren, and Calla'
    Clover - 'Aspen, Wren, and Clover'
    Bay - 'Aspen, Wren, and Bay'
    Linden - 'Aspen, Wren, and Linden'
    Sailor - 'Aspen, Wren, and Sailor'
    Harbor - 'Aspen, Wren, and Harbor' or 'Aspen, Wren, and Harbour'
    Isle - 'Aspen, Wren, and Isle'
    Lake - 'Aspen, Wren, and Lake'

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    Thank you so much! You really helped me out. I think that's why those other names don't feel right, and I couldn't put my finger on it. It's totally the traditional feminine thing!

    Elm has moved back into the number one spot. Lake is on the list and I love Sailor, though husband would never go for it.

    Thank you, thank you!

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