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Thread: Dex or Jax?

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    Dex or Jax?

    I need help deciding on which name to give this character:
    Blonde hair, blue eyes, tan, perfect looking, really laid back, extreme sense of sarcasm, casual, barely ever angry, friendly
    so, yea. Im kind of torn between Jax(short for Jaxon) or Dex(short for Dexter), although any new suggestions would be welcome.

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    oh, and also, he's 17 years old

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    Dexter nn Dex. This name has history. Jax/Jaxon really aren't names, are they? They're modern inventions for Jack/Jackson. I don't find them very attractive. I think Everett nn Rhett would be great too! Good luck with your writing!
    All the best,

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    Jax. Though I agree that he's be more likely to be a Jack or Jackson if he was born in '96.

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