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    Exclamation surname troubles

    So I came up with this amazing surname for my MC: Adair.
    NOW i realize her name would be Claire Adair.
    could she just go without a last name? her full name is Claire Vienna Mae Adair. Could she say it's Claire Mae Adair? Help!!!

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    I like your surname it's different. I personally think you should change her first name because Vienna Mae Adair flows but Claire Vienna Mae Adair doesn't really.
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    I'd change it to Clara (KLAH-ra) Adair then you avoid the rhyming problem and get to keep both names.

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    Ohh, this is tough.
    I like Vienna Mae Adair, I never thought of it like that before. But I think it clashes just a little too much with the name of her older sister, Violet.
    I like the change from Claire so something else, but Clara doesn't fit my character. I was thinking more along the lines of Clarice, but I feel like i'd need to change the middle name. Then she could have Claire as a nickname, and It wouldn't clash when someone said her full name. I might knock off the Mae middle. thanks a million guys!

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