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Thread: Stuck.

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    DH and I can't agree on boy names. At all. We didn't even name DS until he was here. We are expecting twins this time around and find out their sexes next month. I have a feeling they are boys, but hope I'm wrong because I LOVE our girl names haha

    DS is Owen.

    Girls would be Abigail and Emmeline

    Names we've discussed:

    - Alexander (the only one we both like)
    - Henry (I love it, DH doesn't)
    - Isaac (DH just thinks it's ok)
    - Austin (DH's favorite. I don't like it)
    - Brody (I think it's ok, DH likes it)
    - Brady (I like it on it's own, DH wants to use it with Brody, which I think is WAY too matchy)

    Please help us come up with more ideas that may fit both of our styles. I normally wouldn't post our last name, but I'll throw it out there. It's Wood. So names like Jack, Will and Harrison are out

    Please don't get caught up with them being twins. Every time I ask family or friends for suggestions, they give names in pairs which totally throws me off lol.


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    If they are both boys then you could pick one each? Then you both get to have a name you truly adore. Otherwise;

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    Clara Liberty, Esther Juliet, Harlow Paloma, Jenna Rosamund, Laurel Cassandra, Margo Juniper, Nora Meredith, Rowan Athena, Sadie Genevieve, Tessa Bethany

    Albert Frederick, Asher Jeremy, Bennett Samuel, Deacon Timothy, Edmund Nicholas, Theodore Holden, Nathaniel Grayson, Hugo Dominic, Judah Finnegan, Lucas Christopher

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    Love Alexander! I'd add Everett or Odysseus or Ulysses or Harrison or Jameson or Charlemagne or Charles (if the last one was too much).

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