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    My first thought was Jessamine/Jessamyn, but no J names? Boo!
    I also thought that Cressida would be nice, but you don't want another C name. Maybe you would consider Cecily or Cecelia? It's not a hard C.
    I love the steampunk/old storybook vintage names too.
    So, my suggestions are:
    Magnolia, Nola
    Marigold, Goldie
    Rosalind, Rosamund, Rosanna, Rosemary, Rosalie
    Verena/Verina, Verity, Vera
    Iva, Ivy
    Hermione is a tough middle to work with.
    Good luck!

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    Wow, thank you for all these fabulous suggestions, everyone! As far as C names go, we really can't do another C since we don't intend to name ALL our kids with C names and we don't want to set up a pattern. I felt like Charles and Cora were different enough, Charles not being a hard C, but we can't go with any hard C/K sounds or the letter itself. And as for J, we'd rather not have an alliterative name. Which is sad because I love so many J names!

    My favorites from your suggestions:

    Matilda - although, isn't Matilda a witch in the book and movie by that name? With a middle name of Hermione, even though I'm not choosing the name because of the Harry Potter character, I really don't want a well-known witch for the first name too! I actually love the nickname Tilda more than the name itself, so I might go for simply Tilda Hermione, but the only major association with that name is Tilda Swinton, who plays the White Witch in the Narnia movies. Groan! Can't get away from the witches! Maybe Tilda doesn't create a witch association for most people and it would be okay. It starts with a hard consonant, and has a fluid sound to it - both things my hubby has said he likes. I'll suggest that one.

    Sylvia - This was vetoed by my husband during our first pregnancy...but it might be worth bringing up again!

    Lilian - Not exactly my style, and seems like it could get popular fast, but it sounds like one my husband would like and maybe it would grow on me? Worth musing over.

    I agree, Hermione is a hard MN to work with. I am open to suggestions for an alternative for the middle name, too. Hermione just hits that perfect sweet spot of feminine, strong, old sounding, AND literary...I just love it.
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    Matilda's not really a "witch." She's an incredible intelligent six-year-old girl who develops telekinetic powers. At the end of the book she's put at a higher grade level and she looses the ability to be telekinetic because she's using her brainpower in school... I don't think i'm explaining it great, but it's a great book and the movie adaption's good too, so you should check it out.

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    Keeping in mind you both liked Miranda a lot.......and it ticks a lot of boxes....

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