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    Two Middle Names

    A child having two middle names was something that I had never really hear of until I came to nameberry.. that being said I am a childless eighteen year old. Is this relatively new or has it been going on for a while?
    After I discovered the whole why-not-have-both (like the taco adds??), it got me thinking... and yes I could use two middle names for my future children!
    But... if you give one of your kids two middle names.. do you have to give them ALLL two middle names?
    For example..
    Matilda Kate and Adelaide Dahl.
    If I were to add another name to create two middle names, I would use Matilda Kate Therese and Adelaide Margaret Dahl (I think it just flows better that way, as opposed to Adelaide Dahl Margaret).

    But Vivienne Lux is also on the list.. and I think it is just fine as it is and even if I had to add something, I dont think I could.
    And then the boys names, I wouldn't want to add another middle name.

    I'm keen to just know all the information you berries have got on double middle names! Did you do it for some kids and not others? Did you do it just for girls and not boys? Did you feel like you had to give a second middle name to your second child after you did with your first?
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    I don't mind two middle names, but LOVE Vivienne Lux! Sound like some rich, young and pretty woman.
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    I have two middle names, and even though sometimes it can be a pain filling out forms, I like mine because they are family names that mean a lot to me. Personally, I would only do two middle names if they had real significance, and the whole name flowed well. Also, I would give all children two middle names, because I like the symmetry and wouldn't want a child to feel left out with just one. But that's just my humble opinion, you do what you think is best. All your name choices are beautiful, by the way xx

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    My sister, my brother and I all have 2 middle names but for no special reason (not to honor anybody) however it would feel weird if one of us had only one middle name.

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    I love 2 middle names (our son has 2) but I do find it odd when one sibling has 2 and the other has 1. That being said, it does happen and is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I have noticed that often girls get 2 middles but boys don't, which makes me a little sad
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