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    I really like the sibsets you put together, I especially love Evie & Emery or Zaniyah and Zion. Any chance you could please help with some middles names? Thanks again

    Evie Ambrosia Sky, Emery Draven Scott
    Evie Coraline Belle, Emery Silas Drake
    Evie Victoria Mae, Emery Tobias West
    Evie Gianna Faye, Emery Mason Finn
    Evie Francesca Maple, Emery Carson Lee
    Evie Amberly Grace, Emery Jackson Quinn

    Zaniyah Lauren Sky, Zion Sebastian Jack
    Zaniyah Harper Raine, Zion Alexander Lee
    Zaniyah Meagan Fawn, Zion Courtland Ray
    Zaniyah Veronica Grace, Zion Taylor Reece
    Zaniyah Everly Ann, Zion Alastair Rowan
    Zaniyah Maven Ember, Zion Andrew Silas

    No idea if those help or not but I really like nature/more exotic second middles with longer "normal" first middles.
    I also always like the longer/short when doing two middles. I hope that helps, I think Evie and Emery were easier to
    come up with. Zaniyah and Zion are very cute names though. I have always had a soft spot for Zion since hearing Lauren Hill's
    song about her son, Zion.
    That moment you realize... this is my circus & these are my monkeys...
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