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    My name list is getting LONGER, not shorter- help! Due in 2 weeks. . .

    My family and I love a bunch of names for this, our last baby girl (have two others already). We are due in two weeks and instead of narrowing down out list, it seems to be growing.
    My mom's name is Jane, so I'm trying to use that as a middle name (though it doesn't work with ALL of these). Please give me your honest opinion on these possible names.
    Big sisters are already named Olivia and Annabelle. Last name is Phillips.
    Thank you!

    Melody Jane
    Amelia Jane
    Josephine (need different middle)
    Emily Jane
    Goldie (need different middle)
    Everly Jane (afraid this may be mistaken for Beverly?)
    Penelope Jane (should I worry about the "pee" at the end?)
    Calliope Jane (love this one, as it's musical but so rarely used. Why?)
    Rosalie Jane
    Delilah Jane

    I soo appreciate your input! Thx...xoxo

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    Best picks I think are Josephine/Rosalie

    Amelia is too close to Olivia and Annabelle, so that's out imo.
    Dislike Melody/Emily and Goldie is not the same style as the others.
    Like Penelope Jane on its own but with P last name, you would get PeePee initials.
    Delilah and Lilly are too L heavy imo with last name.

    Regarding Josephine
    What middles have you used for Olivia and Annabelle?
    What's your mothers middle name? Could that be a good middle for Josephine?

    With Josephine Phillips I like

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    I'd try to use Jane if it's important to you, so cut any names this doesn't match (Goldie, Josephine and Lilly). Olivia and Annabelle are gorgeous classic names, so I'd try to choose another with a similar feel. I'd cut Delilah, Calliope, Everly and Melody because they're either a bit trendy or don't match very well with siblings' names. That leaves you with Amelia, Emily, Penelope and Rosalie. I think they're all lovely. If you want to make more cuts, maybe get rid of Amelia because it starts with the same letter as Annabelle (or don't worry if that doesn't bother you). I think Emily is exceedingly popular, so I'd be choosing between Penelope and Rosalie. Maybe the Penelope Phillips (double P initials) is a problem? Not necessarily, but that leaves you with Rosalie Jane, which is beautiful.

    Olivia, Annabelle and Rosalie. Gorgeous.
    ~ Violet Elizabeth Rose ~
    TTC #2


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    Congratulations on your third little princess!

    From your list I love Amelia, but fear it might sound too similar to Olivia and be confusing. Everly is lovely and quite on trend right now but I agree it may be mistaken for Beverly, particularly by the older generation. Penelope is nice, but will likely be shortened to Penny - would that bother you?

    In my opinion Calliope, Rosalie, Delilah and Lilly don't roll off the tongue easily with your surname.

    It sounds like you favour classic and pretty names - Have you considered Eva, Charlotte, Eliza or Michaela?

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    I think Rosalie I'd the best fit with Olivia and Annabelle. I REALLY love Goldie! I think though it sounds at odds with your other daughters names... Marigold works though. Goldie, Liv and Belle sound amazing!

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