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    * Beatrix * Nell * Penelope * Felicity * Margo *

    * Theodore * Hugo * Edmund * Felix * Oscar *

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. So far I like Sam & Cal for boys, and Juliette, Camille & Madeline for girls. I am not looking for a C name. If the perfect name happened to start with a C I would probably still use it, but the A, B thing was not intentional, and future babies after this one are still a possibility, so I really don't want to set that limitation for myself! (I already have enough crazy naming rules!). If anyone else has any more suggestions I would love o hear them, especially if there are some boy ideas.

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    Nora and Nell feel really perfect to me, and for boys I like Sam and Paul and David, or to play off Bennett's surnameyness maybe Spencer.
    Another thing you could do if you want to make yourself crazy is keep your eyes peeled for names with double letters. Camille and Connor would be both a C and a double letter.

    Eleanor/Elinor would work for Nora or Nell, and I love it next to Annabelle and Bennett.
    Other Noras include Honora, Honor, Annora, or Lenore.
    Other Nells could be Ellen, Helen, Helena, Cornelia, Penelope, Hannelore, Danielle or Janelle.

    (I know many of these won't work with Annabelle, like Annora or Janelle, but figured I'd throw them out there to see if they made you think of something else that would work—inspiration fodder.)

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