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    Eye Issues during pregnancy?

    Hey Berries,

    I've made it to Week 27 and I've noticed that over the last few weeks, I'm having more and more issues with my eyes. I'm having a lot of floaters, flashers, plus annoying dryness, etc.. I've also had 3 migraines (all 3 with aura) over the last 3 weeks. Blah. So I'm just wondering if anyone else dealt with this while preggo? Was there anything you could do about it? Floaters in general are not new to me, I've had them off and on for many years (and I've had my retinas checked, no detachments) but I definitely have more right now. And they're so annoying!

    I know for a fact it's not my blood pressure so I'm not concerned about pre-eclampsia right now (my bp is always low, around 110/60). I have told my OB and she recommended a trip to an optometrist but otherwise didn't seem very concerned. Talking with others who have been through it is usually more helpful! So I'd love to hear your experience!


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    I have gotten floaters & flashers when I let my blood sugar get low & am feeling faint. It is usually together with dizziness and a rushing sound in my ears. That's what I get for forgetting breakfast.

    My Dr says headaches & migraines are really common with girls because of the extra estrogen in your system. I haven't noticed too many with this little lady but I had a ton of headaches with Azula.
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    I would definitely go to see the optometrist but I don't think you should be concerned. Normal pregnancy can have impacts on your eyes. I actually had to get a new prescription for stronger glasses because I couldn't see well at all. Once I stopped breastfeeding it went back to normal and I could use my old glasses again. Good luck!
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    I had really bad issues with my eyes while pregnant. I have very poor eyesight and have worn glasses since I was 7. During pregnancy, I noticed more flashing lights, tiny gold "sparks" when I was in the shower or stood up too quickly, terrible headaches and pain around my eyes, just general eye soreness. It sucked, but I was told by my OB it was normal to have eye changes during pregnancy and not to worry unless my blood pressure was up. It definitely got worse the farther along I got too,
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    If you're really concerned see an ophthalmologist not an optometrist (big difference). Mine told me your eyesight does change during pregnancy and then returns to normal. During pregnancy, my vision worsened - I couldn't even drive at night. Now I'm fine.

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