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    Huck as a nn for...

    Henry? Does it work, or is it too much of a stretch? My husband is in love with Henry, but I don't love Hank or Hal as nns.
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    It works--and Huck is much preferable to Henry, though not really a favorite of mine.

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    I think it is too much of a stretch but there was an older thread on this and a few people seemed to like it on an 'H' name.

    Chuck is short for Charles so my suggestion (was back then and still is) that Huck may not be too much of a stretch for Charles.

    There was also a suggestion of using 2 names
    Henry Tucker for Huck.

    The other half of Huckleberry is Finn... So Finn nn Huck was my other suggestion.

    But it really isn't that outlandish so I don't think Henry nn Huck would be that bad.

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    I actually think that it works, I don't think Henry to Huck is too much of a stretch at all.

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    I think it works. I mean, if Hank can be a nn, why not Huck? I've thought of using Huck as a nn for Hugo.
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