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    Opinions on Current Top List!!

    I would love some thoughts on my most recent list of possibilities for my girl!

    I've organized the names into three tiers to reflect the combination of enthusiasm that DH and I have for them. i.e. I like Georgiana, but DH is only lukewarm, so it's 2nd Tier. Both DH and I like Faith, but it's too popular to be used as a 1st name, so it's 3rd Tier, etc...

    Top Tier Possibilities -
    Verity nn Veri.
    Gwyneth nn Gwen.
    Talia nn Tally

    2nd Tier Possibilities -
    Rebekah nn Beks/Bekah
    Georgiana nn Georgie

    3rd Tier Possibilities -

    Siblings are Ann1ka (Ann1e), M@xwell (M@x), and Th3odore (Th3o).
    Our last name is pronounced similar to 'K@le' and is German in origin.

    Thank you so much for your input and insight!
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    Nice picks... I like Verity and Georgiana particularly. For a mn, I actually like the 'third tier' choices.

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    I would never personally consider it because it's not really my style, but I love Verity!

    I like Elsa too, but I'd be afraid of the popularity factor of El- names right now. It does sound lovely with the sibling names though!

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    More thoughts?

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    I also very much like Verity. Very unique and strong.

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