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Thread: Lucy vs Lucie?

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    Lucy vs Lucie?

    Opinions on this? Does the "ie" spelling have a different origin or background than the "y" spelling, or are they just two different spellings? Do you make any associations with these spellings?

    Having no.2 this winter and Lucy is our top name pick. In addition to being a cute name, I was a Lucille Ball fan as a little kid, which leans me towards "Lucy." But we already have a daughter " Gracie" and so would it be cute for them to have similar spellings, Gracie and Lucie? What would you do? I'm leaning a particular way but don't want to say until I hear your thoughts.


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    My name is Lucy! I think (I might be totally wrong) that Lucie is French in origin and Lucy is more English in origin but they are both derived from Lucia. Personally I really like my name spelled as it is--it's the classic spelling, it's the girl from Narnia and the girl from Peanuts (both of whom I love), etc. I am always getting "I Love Lucy" references from people as well. But I think Lucie is adorable and a bit more quirky and since it looks French it has an extra flair to it. The Lucie spelling looks better to me with Grace, but I think either of them would work and I think that your daughter will love her name no matter how it is spelled. Best of luck!
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    I'm not keen on Lucie. It's too matchy with Gracie for my taste, and I feel like it's just asking for trouble with spelling confusion.

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    W/Gracie you might consider could nn her Lucy, but she should have an option that isn't so matchy.

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    I like Lucie better! It feels less nick-namey to me with the 'ie' and more like a formal, full name.

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