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    Unhappy rhyming first and last name..

    So, i've recently fallen in love with the name Rachel, and I really want to use it for my future daughter. It works great with my sibset of classic names and it is a family name of both mine and my husbands family. The only problem is that our last name also starts with the R sound and ends with the Ell sound. Is it too close? I dont want to have an Amelia Bedelia situation on my hands but I really love this name too much to give it up..

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    Maybe try a double barrelled name
    like Rachel-Mae so on Paper the rhymyness isn't as obvious

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    It depends on what your last name is, honestly.

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    I always kinda wondered the same my last name ends in -on & it makes me feel like other -on first names arent use able

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    First and last names that start with the same letter should be avoided--especially if the letters are consonants w/the same sound in both names, and most especially if the first name is as short as Rachel. Please don't do to your child what my parents did to me--RR

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