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    Where I'm from (French part of Canada), middle names don't really exist. So she doesn't have one and neither do I, or any of my family members for that matter. I guess the middle name thing is more of an English thing?

    Maybe that's my solution, no middle names!

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    Oh, ok. Is your name actually Ariane or is it just a username? If it's not your name Aria would be a great substitute to Rhea. Another name that might work is Reina. It's not a exact match in prounciation.
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    What was your grandmother's maiden name or middle name? My middle name is my grandmother's maiden name. What sort of things did she enjoy? You might consider a middle name with meanings of things dear to her heart.

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    I'm not sure how much teasing potential it has when it's in the middle spot. I mean, most people never even know your middle name. But, I do understand. My great-grandmother was named Rhea too, and my daughter was due around the time of her 95th birthday (which turned out to be her last birthday). She was really hoping I would give birth on that day and I was so worried if I did my family would expect me to honor her with the baby's name and I really didn't want to! That being said, I have heard Rhea pronounced Ray-a and Ray before, aside from the diarrhea pronunciation you're concerned about, so maybe it would be an option to spell it Rhea but pronounce it differently?
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    I know of a little girl named Ryah (rhymes with Maya or Kaia). I don't know how she got her name or if it was "made up" but I did find it kind of pretty. Just another suggestion to add to the others.. I love Rhiannon by the way

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