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    Post My ears perked up a bit at...

    Hi berries!!
    I haven't posted or commented on anything in a loooooong time because I got engaged! So my brain jumped instantly from name/baby mode to wedding mode.

    But anywayyyy, I was out to lunch with my dad and his coworkers today when one of them walked in with their son. The little boy was totally adorable and getting all the attention and I heard his dad call him Willem. At first I didn't know if it was just a quirky way to shorten William but I thought it was adorable. He said his father's name was William but it was too traditional for them so they settled on Willem. I love it!

    Other names I've heard recently:
    Fiona: never cared for it until I met the crazy energetic little girl it belonged to
    Vera & Hazel
    Constance: she went by Coco
    Nicolas & Margaret: Nico and Greta
    Lucia: loo-sha
    Sabrina: one girl wore it well, one not as much
    Demetria: nicknamed Deme
    Estelle: nn Stella

    what names have you come across lately?
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    I met a Merlita recently, though I'm not too keen on that name.

    A friend of mine recently had a son and used the middle name Mauro, which I've never heard before. They're both Italian, so it might be a family name. I kind of like it.

    Congrats on your engagement!
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    Willem is a common spelling of William in e.g. Belgium. i like it!

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    Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

    I go to school with two girls with little boys whose names are August and Ezra.
    I was so excited when I heard both names considering everyone else around seems to be giving birth to Addison's, Kendall's and Mason's.
    (Nothing wrong with any of them, but they just aren't my style).
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    Willem is the Dutch spelling of William. It's also the name of the new King of the Netherlands (Willem Alexander). I've always preferred it to William. You've met some wonderfully named children.

    I like...

    Fiona - I've grown to like this one
    Vera & Hazel - very nice together
    Constance - one of my favourites
    Nico and Greta - SWOON!
    Lucia - I love the "loo-sha" pronunciation the best
    Sabrina - an old Celtic name that still sounds fresh
    Demetria - nice one
    Estelle: nn Stella - both are lovely
    All the best,

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