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    Need Help Naming My New Pets

    I just adopted two little baby rats yesterday and I need help naming them. I currently have four other male rats named Verrazano (Zano), Pompeii, Ukraine and Russia (Russka). I would like to name my two new male rats after places around the world. Please respond to this post with name suggestions. I am mainly looking for names that of places in Europe but I'm open to any names.

    Thank you so much!
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    Cyprus [Cy] & Finland [Finn]?
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    I know a (human!) little girl named Ireland, and I think it's a cute place name (:

    Some other European ideas:

    Luxembourg (Lux?)
    Caspian (as in the sea...not European, per se, but a cool name!)

    That's all I can think of...good luck!

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    I used to own a rat named Cypress. I named her after the country Cyprus, as it was and still is meaningful to me. My other rat was named Jordan. Which is actually somewhat near Cyprus-they were sister rats, so I found it appropriate. Cyprus and Jordan? Or you could use Ireland and Scotland. Or Dublin, Brighton(england I believe)-Cyprus and Brighton sound nice together.

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