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    I'm kind of finding that Evangeline plus a short last name is hard to match with, because I keep wanting to put one syllable names to match Evangeline, but they probably won't match your last name too well! But anyways, I do like:

    Bronwen Evangeline
    Sage Evangeline

    Names that I like for you, but I do not love with Evangeline:

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    Indigo Evangeline is cute!

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    I second the recommendation of Indigo to you!
    Also maybe:
    India Evangeline
    Sakura Evangeline
    Magda Evangeline
    Anouk Evangeline
    Nerissa Evangeline
    Asha Evangeline
    Suki Evangeline
    Holliday Evangeline
    Katia Evangeline
    Viveca Evangeline
    Saffron Evangeline (Too much?)
    Lilou Evangeline (Lou, Evie Lou, Lullina etc etc, so many darling nicknames)
    Adela Evangeline (Love this)
    Alba Evangeline (One of my favourites, and I think beautiful with the equally soft Evangeline)
    Aislin (Ash-lin, means vision in Irish)
    Amaris (Mari) Evangeline
    Maren Evangeline
    Nola Evangeline
    Etta Evangeline

    Bit of a medley here, but these names say 'a bit different but not too out there' to me.
    Some of the more conventional choices like Nola are a good match with a little wonderlust baby Arlo (a great name, by the way!).

    Looking forward to seeing what you go with!
    Tobias Rowley Quentin W. (10/04/2006)
    Mabel Juniper Elsie W. (07/03/2008)
    Barnaby Ivan Fisher (02/04/2012)

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    Clara Liberty, Esther Juliet, Harlow Paloma, Jenna Rosamund, Laurel Cassandra, Margo Juniper, Nora Meredith, Rowan Athena, Sadie Genevieve, Tessa Bethany

    Albert Frederick, Asher Jeremy, Bennett Samuel, Deacon Timothy, Edmund Nicholas, Theodore Holden, Nathaniel Grayson, Hugo Dominic, Judah Finnegan, Lucas Christopher

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