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    I need help naming my baby girl!!!

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    I love Sadie and Norah from your list. Sadie Evangeline's flow is a little bit better.

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    My initial thought was Fern Evangeline, but Fern + short, one syllable last name might not work. I'm going to run with the hippy vibe.

    Willow Evangeline
    Saffron Evangeline
    Juniper Evangeline
    Coral Evangeline
    Iris Evangeline (LOVE!)
    Leaf Evangeline
    Sage Evangeline (I like the repeating soft G sounds)
    Tempest Evangeline
    Poet Evangeline
    Luna Evangeline
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    Sadie Evangeline is my favorite from the list.

    How about Willow Evangeline?

    One of my favorite names right now is Evangeline Adair.
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    You could just use Evangeline as a first name...Evie's not the only nn for it. There's also Eve, Eva, and Angie.

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