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    Jul 2009
    Favorite Girls: Delilah, Emerson, Esme, Fiona, Greer, Hadley, Harper, Indie, Isla, Maisie, Mila, Navy, Penelope, Piper, Poppy, Quinn, Sloane, Sutton, Tallulah, Wren

    Favorite Boys: August, Bennett, Carter, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Ford, Grayson, Harrison, Henry, Jasper, Jude, Malcolm, Maxwell, Miles, Oliver, Owen, Sebastian, Theodore

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    Jul 2012
    Sibset_1_ The Swanson Quads
    g: Lilac Margaret
    g: Penrose Adele
    b: John Theodore
    b: Guy Thomas

    Sibset_2_ The Atwell Triplets
    g: Greer Adelaide
    g: Marlowe Lucille
    g: Rory Olivia

    Sibset_3_ The Black Family
    Choose which scenario: mom&dad
    parent1: Benjamin Elliott
    parent2: Deirdre Isobel
    g: Hermione Joan
    b: Story Augustus
    b: River Thaddeus
    b: Amadeus Jude

    Sibset~*4*~ The Perkins Quints
    Pick the parents-
    Parent1: James Oliver Louis
    Parent2: Mary Violet Anne
    g: Katherine Eliza
    g: Lillian Octavia
    b: Maxwell Isaac
    g: Naomi Annabel
    g: Olive Zuzanna

    Sibset-*-5-*- The Gilmore Family has 2 sets of Twins
    parent1: Ione Amelia
    parent2: Griffin Boone
    twinset1: b: Lionel Theodore
    g: Ruby Camilla
    twinset2: b: Dashiell Peregrine
    g: Maisy Delilah

    _SibSet#6_ The Harrison Family has SeXtUpLeTs and Each Baby has 2 middles!
    g: Coralie Violet Mae
    g: Rosalind Yvette Anne
    b: Oliver Zephan Luke
    b: Frederick Oscar Paul
    g: Beatrix Quinna Jane
    g: Genevieve Inez Faith

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    Sibset_1_ The Parker Quads
    g: McKinely Everlyn
    g: Adia Roselyn (Ada + Sophia)
    b: Calum Jude
    b: James Alexander
    *Kinley, Adia, Calum, Jamie*

    Sibset_2_ The Roswell Triplets
    g: Bailey Alexandria
    g: Chase Liliana
    g: Addison Olivia
    *Bailey, Chase, Addie*

    Sibset_3_ The Mitchell-Bradley Family
    Choose which scenario: dad&dad
    parent1: Brandon Elias Mitchell
    parent2: David Isaiah Bradley
    g: Sophia Rose
    b: Kyle Hunter
    b: Micah Sebastian
    b: Nathaniel Jude
    *Sophia, Ky, Micah, Nate*

    Sibset~*4*~ The Bioni Quints
    Pick the parents-
    Parent1: Luca David Amadeus
    Parent2: Kara Ann Sophia
    g:Kaylee Eleanor
    g: Lucia Olive
    b: Matteo Isaac
    g: Nica Aurelia
    g: Ophelia Yvonne
    *Kaylee, Lucy, Matteo, Nica, Lia*

    Sibset-*-5-*- The Eleazar Family has 2 sets of Twins
    parent1: Cadie Laura
    parent2: Jackson Luke
    twinset1: b: Ansel Lane
    g: Nataly Rosa
    twinset2: b: Gabrial Kyle
    g: Emily Tatiana
    *Ansel, Nat, Gabe, Emmie*

    _SibSet#6_ The Holme Family has SeXtUpLeTs and Each Baby has 2 middles!
    g: Joselyn Victoria Rose
    g: Cordelia Yvette Anne
    b: Theodore Zachary James
    b: Jonathan Oliver Drake
    g: Mary-Elizabeth Quinn Elise
    g: Piper Isobel Hazel
    *Josie, Lia, Theo, John, Ellir, Pippa*

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    Rhode Island
    DH: Robert James Harrison.
    DW: Julia Monique Harrison (O'Keefe).
    - DD: Hardie Elizabeth Harrison.
    - DD: Hermia Catherine Harrison.
    - DS: Jourdan Alexander Harrison.
    - DS: Joshua Michael Harrison.

    DH: Jake Thomas Lohan.
    DW: Imogen Rose Lohan (Guinness).
    - DD: Riley Alexandra Lohan.
    - DD: Harper Lauren Lohan.
    - DD: Addison Olivia Lohan.

    DH: Blake Edward Powers.
    DW: Dana Isabelle Powers (Fallon).
    - DD: Hermione Lola Powers.
    - DS: Finley Angus Powers.
    - DS: Christopher James Powers.
    - DS: Alexander Arran Powers.

    DH: Ollie Edward Michael Taylor.
    DW: Rachel Hope Rosemarie Taylor (Keegan).
    - DD: Keira Evangeline Taylor.
    - DD: Lauren Ophelia Taylor.
    - DS: Murray Ismael Taylor.
    - DD: Nathalie Aimee Taylor.
    - DD: Olivia Zara Taylor.

    DH: Finn Carlisle Fleming.
    DW: Eve Isabella Fleming (Moss).
    - DS: Lionel Robbie Fleming.
    - DD: Ashley Cara Fleming.
    - DS: Gabriel Dane Fleming.
    - DD: Kelsey Iona Fleming.

    DH: Rhys Alexandre Albright.
    DW: Caitlin Elizabeth Albright (Wilcox).
    - DD: Robyn Victoria Marie Albright.
    - DD: Paige Yelena Cathleen Albright.
    - DS: Holden Zane Muhammad Albright.
    - DS: Calum Oliver Bentley Albright.
    - DD: Mila Quinn Cassandra Albright.
    - DD: Mollie Isobel Roseanne Albright.

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