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    Sibset 1: The Hollis Quadruplets
    DD: McLafferty Lee
    DD: Lavy Rose
    DS: Grantlen Mark
    DS: Ronald Brett

    Sibset 2: The Bennet Triplets
    DD: Reagan Amelia
    DD: Adyson Laura
    DD: Jordan Ophelia

    Sibset 3: The Roy Family
    DW: Bethany Ellen
    DW: Darlene Iris
    DD: Gwyneth Tamora
    DS: Ryland Joshua
    DS: Gavin Isaac
    DS: Antonio Pierce

    Sibset 4: The Morris Quintuplets
    DH: Patrick Oliver Thomas
    DW: Melanie Faith Briana
    DD: Katherine Emily
    DD: Lynette Olivia
    DS: Matthew Ivan
    DS: Oliver Zachariah

    Sibset 5: The Vaughn Family
    DW: Bernadette Nora
    DH: Benjamin Monroe
    DS: Michael Roscoe
    DD: Tiffany Lara
    DS: Raphael Vance
    DD: Holly Marina

    Sibset 6: The Johnson Sextuplets
    DD: Anneliese Violet Paige
    DD: Bronwyn Xyla Rose
    DS: Carter Zane Jesse
    DS: Duncan Otis Lane
    DD: Eliana Quinn Kylie
    DD: Felicity Iris Brynne
    Teenage Name Fanatic.



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    ~2nd SibSet Central~
    This round of SibSet Central is more difficult than my first game. Feel free to add any details you'd like about any family members, such as ages, likes/dislikes, talents, pets, etc. All you have to do is follow the guidelines provided.
    Sibset_1_ The Parker Quads
    g: Maya Delilah
    g: Jallow Cassie
    b: Daniel Jacob
    b: Calvin Michael

    Sibset_2_ The Morrison Triplets
    g: Jamie Alyssa
    g: Elliott Lacey
    g: Addison Olivia

    Sibset_3_ The Tyler Family
    Choose which scenario: mom&dad
    parent1: Bailey Eliza
    parent2: David Ian
    g: Hailey Madison
    b: Emily Tallulah
    b: Dominic Mason
    b: Alexander James

    Sibset~*4*~ The Fisher Quints
    Pick the parents-
    Parent1: Johnathan Miles Pete
    Parent2: Allison Jane Leigh
    g:Kendall Evangeline
    g: Lionela Olivia
    b:Marcell Ivan
    g: Natalia Ainsley
    g:Ophelia Zora

    Sibset-*-5-*- The Lowell Family has 2 sets of Twins
    parent1: Hope Amara
    parent2: Nathan Mike
    twinset1: b: Michael Pete
    g: Emily Kayla
    twinset2: b: Lionel Reese
    g: Amy Brianna

    _SibSet#6_ The _______ Family has SeXtUpLeTs and Each Baby has 2 middles!
    g: Cara Vera Violet
    g: Hannah Xenia Yvette
    b: Joel Zachary Zane
    b: Aaden Oscar Oliver
    g: Leah Qaila Quinn
    g: Alexis Isabella Iona

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    Sibset_1_ The Barrington Quads
    DD: Johnna Marie
    DD:Bellarose Grace
    DS: Terrence Benjamin
    DS: Alexander Tobias

    Sibset_2_ The Carson Triplets
    DD: Taylor Amelia
    DD: Peyton LeeAnn
    DD: Avery Olivia

    Sibset_3_ The Danforth Family
    DH: Benjamin Edward
    DW: Delilah Isabelle
    DD: Mariah Rose
    DS: Jeremy Augustus
    DS: Liam Prescott
    DS: Nathaniel Walker

    Sibset~*4*~ The Emerson Quints
    DH: Richard Edward Jacob
    DW: Deborah Mikayla Faith
    DD:Kaylee Eloise
    DD: Linnea Ophelia
    DS: Maxwell Isaiah
    DD: Nerissa Adrienne
    DD: Orla Yvette

    Sibset-*-5-*- The Fletcher Family has 2 sets of Twins
    DH: Stone Joshua
    DW: Jillian Kristine
    DS/DD:Gabriel Blaze/Harmony Magnolia
    DS/DD: Daniel George/Tinsley Aurora

    _SibSet#6_ The Graham Family has Sextuplets and Each Baby has 2 middles!
    DD: Sunday Victoria Nicole
    DD: Delphine Yvette Marie
    DS: Josiah Zachary Andrew
    DS: Blaze Orlando Marley
    DD: Talia Quinn Chanel
    DD: Aida Irene Therese

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Sibset_1_ The (surname) Quads

    The Ellington Quads
    g: Marina Claudette Ellington
    g:Georgine Lark Ellington
    b: Drake Simon Ellington
    b:Cassiel Alexander Ellington

    Sibset_2_ The Bric Triplets
    g: Frankie Anastasia Bric
    g:Windsor Linnea Bric "Winnie"
    g:Emmett Oriana Bric "Em"

    Sibset_3_ The Fragassi Family

    parent1: Beatrice Eloisa Fragassi
    parent2: Domenico Italo Fragassi
    g: Honora Simona Fragassi
    b: Yuri Aurelio Fragassi
    b: Giacomo Eliseo Fragassi
    b: Emilio Aldo Fragassi

    Sibset~*4*~ The Garcia Quints
    Parent1: Salvador Rodney Mauricio Garcia
    Parent2: Alexandra Asher Maven Haliday-Garcia
    g: Kairi Elena Haliday-Garcia
    g: Laia Oneida Hailday-Garcia
    b:Matias Isi Haliday-Garcia
    g: Noemi Amila Haliday-Garcia
    g: Ohara Zarela Haliday Garcia

    Sibset-*-5-*- The Paxton Family has 2 sets of Twins
    parent1: Florence Tabitha Paxton
    parent2: Holden Bautiste Paxton
    twinset1: Ansel Barlowe Paxton // Darcy Flora Paxton
    twinset2: Sabel Roscoe Paxton // Beverly Leandra Paxton

    _SibSet#6_ The Anderson Family has SeXtUpLeTs and Each Baby has 2 middles!
    g: Belulah Verity Maida Anderson
    g: Betsy Yana Amelie Anderson
    b: Barnaby Zander Carston Anderson
    b: Bastien Oliver Hank Anderson
    g: Bijou Quenna Lea Anderson
    g: Brisa Indigo Prudence Anderson

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