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    is Artemis anime-sounding?

    I love Artemis Jane. To me its light and whimsical, feminine but not frilly, intelligent and bright. The type of girl who wears sneakers with her fairy wings, carries around a microscope with her everywhere. And i know some berries think Jane is too plain or looks like filler in the middle, but i love the way these flow. Jane, to me, is all vintage teacups and wildflowers, and the combination of Artemis Jane has a quirky, steampunk kind of feel.

    But when i searched the name Artemis on Facebook, it seems that a lot of anime fans really wish their name was Artemis. Artemis useable? Are people going to assume I'm a giant anime fan, or will they have an association to some show I've never heard of? I don't mean to offend anime fans; i have friends who watch it, but its not my cup of tea and i find my friends' interest in it bizarre. (just as they find some of my interests bizarre)

    So...what do you think? I really don't want anyone to hear my kid's name and automatically think of anime. Is it a problem, or am i being crazy?
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    I don't think it sounds anime at all. It's a darling name, my friend actually named her daughter this

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    I'm an anime fan, and I don't think Artemis is "anime-sounding" at all. When I hear/see Artemis, the first thing that comes to mind is the mythological connection.
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    I think of the Greek goddess and the character from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'. I don't think it sounds anime. There is a popular young adult's fiction series called Artemis-something, so maybe all the anime fans are teens who like that book series or something?
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    I also only associate it fron the heavyset caked on makeup clown type womab from always sunny in Philadelphia. . She makes the name seem a bit unpleasing to me. Sorry

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