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Thread: Mia?

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    1) I know Mia is high on the charts in the US, but do you really know a lot of Mias?

    I have never met one..

    2) Also, what 'full names' do you suggest to get to Mia, other than Amelia?
    I love Emilia, but wonder if nn her Mia would a) take away from already beautiful Emilia and b) make it even more confusing with Amelia? I like Mila, but DH prefers Mia...

    Thanks, berries!
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    I have a young child and don't know any Mias at his school or in our church. I know a Mia who is a dog! I think Emilia is beautiful but Mia wouldn't come to mind as a nickname, at least not immediately. I'd probably think of Emmie or Mimi as more likely nicknames.
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    I know a few Mia's but no where near as many Jessica/Jennifer's I knew growing up. It could be a nn for Maria, Mischa or Milena

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    I know a Mia but all the kids I am surrounded by are related to me so there generally are no repeats (except Aiden and Kayden as cousins which kind of annoys me).
    Personally i prefer Emilia to Amelia and I do prefer longer more elegant first names with short nicknames.
    So I like Emilia nn Mia... but Emilia may also open other nicknames like Mila and Emmy.

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    I know an adult Mia in her 40's. I know more Maya's and the various spellings. I think it's classic and beautiful, personally.

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