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    Boy First Name for Middle Name Tiberius

    So my husband and I both love the name Tiberius. While I would love it as a first name he only wants it for our sons middle name and refuses to budge. So far the only first name we both like is Logan but I think that might be too common for a unique middle name. My husband is extremely picky and shoots down anything I suggest so far so I need help! Oh our last name is Russell by the way. Please help!

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    What do you mean when you say Logan is too common of a fn to go with this (wonderful!) unique mn? Would you prefer a less common fn to go with a less common mn?

    Lennox / Len
    Lark / Larkin

    Just some first ideas. What is it that you like about Tiberius? This might help you figure out options for a fn.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions! Just gotta see if my picky husband likes any of them lol We love Tiberius just because it is unique and my husband is a huge history buff and loves Roman history so we love that it is a historical roman name but also goes into Star Trek and other stuff. I loved it as an idea of a fn just cus of the option of having Ty as a nickname. We want something not in the top 100 for popularity but something still easy and not over the top unique just like Tiberius.

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    My cousin named her son James Tiberius.. Probably a little "trekkie" for a lot of people, but her kids all have kind of quirky names.

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