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    mikayla Guest

    Middle name for Nova

    I've finally decided on a girls name, NOVA ! So if #2 is a girl, this will be her name
    it's now time to find the perfect middle name. I'm not sure if I want the middle name to be from Harry Potter (Parker's is, and if it's a boy the MN will also be from HP). i'm willing to think outside the box though so I have all kinds of names on my list.

    I'd like to hear what you think of these combos, AND if you have any other suggestions?

    Nova Luna
    Nova Lee (Novalee was my backup name with Parker, and I had it on my list this time too)
    Nova Independence
    Nova Manila
    Nova Nayeli
    Nova Aspen
    Nova Marley
    Nova Merrily
    Nova Alani
    Nova Haven
    Nova Journey
    Nova Gray
    Nova Ginevra

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    I absolutely adore Nova Gray!! Beautiful name!

    I also like :

    Nova Ginevra
    Nova Journey
    Nova Aspen
    Nova Independence

    Some suggestions :

    Nova Wisteria
    Nova Bellatrix
    Nova Elektra
    Nova Harper
    Nova Everly
    Nova Willow
    Nova Potter
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    mikayla Guest
    thank you bellerose i think Nova Gray is great as well.
    i added electra and everly to my list. I already have Willow and Bellatrix on it

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    I love your list!!

    I love the way Nova Lee sounds.. Nova Grey, Nova Haven, and Nova Merrily are beautiful too!!
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    this is totally nms at all, but I actually really like Nova Aspen! it's cute and different without being over the top wordy. You could also do 2 middles with Lee and something else, like Nova Lee Aspen.

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