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    I have a thing for Scandinavian names...

    I've posted a lot of naming threads and questions so I thank you for your responses!!
    Our daughter is anneke (on na ka) she's 3.5 yrs. I'm due in two weeks. So far we love Larson nn Lars for a boy. I've also really loved Viggo but hubby thinks its absolutely ridiculous. How do I get him to come around?!
    Something about Viggo really rocks my world!

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    I should mention also that we aren't Scandinavian. I'm Dutch descent(my mother immigrated here to Canada ) and hubby is Czech, born in Prague and immigrated.
    So we are European. We travel a lot over that way and perhaps I've just fallen for the euro names

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    I like the name Dag. I knew a woman named Dagmar growing up. But it works great as a man's name. Tor and Anders are also favourites, and there are also so many great old English names based on "Teutonic" origins. like Terroll, that's one I like.

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    Larson is cool, but Lars just by itself is that little bit more amazing! I suppose it's because I'm imagining Lars Mikkelsen ( but I think it is so handsome, and goes much better with Anneke (which is also lovely!)

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    Oh, I think Larson is fantastic! I agree with your husband on Viggo.

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