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    Some more!

    Aglaia (one of the Graces “splendor/adornment”)
    Alaida (lady of the lake)
    Albinia (Etruscan folklore: fairy goddess of the dawn)
    Alvhilde/Alvilde(Alvilda (Norse Legends; a maiden who disguised herself as a warrior to avoid marriage “elf+battle”)
    Aravis (a character from CS Lewis’s The Horse and His Boy)
    Astrild/Astrilde (obscure Norse Love Goddess)
    Belisent/Bellicent (another name for Morgause)
    Betlindis/Belinda (Charlemange Romance; Orlando’s wife.)
    Blanchefleur (name from several medieval romances, among them Percival’s beloved in a French version of the tale)
    Brynhild (a valkyrie)
    Chryseis (means gold I think?)
    Cotovatre (the name of a lake in Arthurian legends)
    Cybele (ancient Goddess)
    Drusilla (Roman name, born by Caligula’s sister and daughter)
    Elevag (Norse, name of the eternal sea rhythm)
    Ellyllon (tiny little elves)
    Emmeline (blind girl whose sight is restored by Merlin)
    Epona (Gaulish Goddess, associated with horses)
    Erytheia (one of the Hesperides)
    Fjorgyn (Norse Goddess of the wilderness)
    Frøydis/Freydis (variant of Freyja)
    Geiravor (a valkyrie)
    Gullveig (Norse Goddess of survival and luck)
    Hekate (weird with Persephone, maybe?)
    Heloise (Héloïse d'Argentuile, philosopher and writer, student and lover of Pierre Abélard)
    Herja (a valkyrie)
    Hersilia (wife of Romulus)
    Hilda (a valkyrie)
    Hilja ("silence")
    Himinglava (Norse, one of the daughters of Ægir, she was the Goddess of transparent water "the sky shines through". Also Hemidall's mama (maybe))
    Horatia (The Convenient Marriage – she’s hilarious)
    Huldra/Hylda (nymph with tail)
    Idavollen (Norse, the council of the Gods)
    Idis (a valkyrie)
    Ilmatar (Finnish mythology; spirit of air)
    Ilmir (Norse Goddess of flowers and dreams)
    Iving (Norse, the river surrounding Valhalla)
    Kalinn (Freyja’s first cat – “cosiness”)
    Kara (a valkyrie)
    Katla (this is a dragon in one of Astrid Lindgren's books, it was filmed and everyone who watched that was scared of this. BUT the name is nice!)
    Lisanor (mother to Loholt, one of Arthur's children)
    Lorelei (the mermaid-siren)
    Lysistrata (from the play)
    Mardoll (Norse; another name for Freyja, “sea disguise”)
    Marisque (Arhurian; fairy who obtains the scabbard of Excalaber for Gawain)
    Marrion (Arthurian; Morgan le Fey's sister)
    Mazikeen (Jewish mythology, tiny little invisible air spirits)
    Mielikki (Finnish Goddess of forest and hunting)
    Millaray (Native American (not sure which language), "golden flower" I think?)
    Munin (Odin’s raven, I think it's cute!)
    Myrling (Scandinavian folklore; spirits of lost children who hunts the marches)
    Njorun (Norse Goddess of the scent of flowers)
    Nuala (Neil Gaiman's Sandman; teh girl given as a gift from the faeries to Dream)
    Perizada ("born to the faeries")
    Randgnid (a valkyrie)
    Rimfakse/Hrimfaxi (Norse; Natt’s horse)
    Rixende (it's just pretty)
    Rosmerta (Celtic/Roman fertility goddess)
    Rusalka (Slavic mythology; a water nymph/mermaid with some rather scary tendencies)
    Saraide (Arthurian; lady of the lake)
    Semiramis (Assyrian queen)
    Sibilja (a war Goddess, took the shape of a cow)
    Sigrdrifa (a valkyrie)
    Sjora (water spirits in Scandinavian folklore)
    Svalinn (Norse mythology; the shield between heaven and earth)
    Svanhvit (a valkyrie)
    Svava (a valkyrie)
    Tallemaja (another name for huldre, the forest nymphs with tails)
    Tellervo (Finnish mythology; Goddess of the forest)
    Thessaly (witch in Neil Gaiman's Sandman)
    Thrima (a valkyrie)
    Trephina (Pretty cool lady in Arthurian legends, her husband beheaded her and she was resurrected and went to avenge her death carrying her head in her hand)
    Tulikki (Finnish mythology; Goddess of animals)
    Ursaly/Ursula ("little bear", I associate it with the tale of Callisto, and chick in the newest Neil Gaiman novel)
    Vellamo (Finnish Goddess of the sea)
    Verdandi (Norse mythology; one of the Norns)
    Verticordia (epithet of Venus)
    Vigdis («war goddess»)
    Volumnia (Coriolanus’s mama in the play by Shakespeare)
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    Aglaia -- I actually like this one a lot but in some of my favorite books there's an Aglaia and she's absolutely terrible and all I think of is her
    Aravis -- I like this one too, but if I'm only adding one more A name, it's Apollonia right now. So onto the middle name list
    Cybele -- I love this one too but worry about pronunciation issues Middle name!
    Epona -- I really like this one and so does Cody but he thinks of the Zelda games. Is that a deal breaker?
    Hekate -- I love the sound, hate how everyone says it hec-a-tay and I don't think it's too weird with Persephone. I'll think on it
    Katla -- This was on our list for a while and it's one I really like and can't remember why we took it off
    Mielikki -- Love this! Love the connection to the forest and I love that in my absolutely favorite books there main character worships a goddess by this name. Pronounce it for me please so I know for sure?
    Millaray -- It's golden flower in Mapuche. For your future knowledge ^_^ Since I have many family members who are close to fully Cherokee, it seems disrespectful to use a name from another tribe.
    Myrling -- Well this has a cute sound. ^_^ Since Eimyrja was ay-moor-ja this one is moor-ling?
    Trephina -- Love it!
    Ursula -- The ocean and the End of the Lane or whatever? I haven't read it yet I love the name anyway. It's sweet.
    Verdandi -- I was just thinking about this the other day. Ver-dahn-dee?

    I actually like about 90% of this list but I have to pick out the ones my husband is likely to also like. I just put all the others on a middle name list or a "use these for characters" list :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Yay! Glad you liked some. This is so much funsies. I thought some might be better for middles, some of the Norse ones are a bit... weird.

    I understand about Millaray.. I remembered you were part Cherokee, but couldn't remember which tribe Milla belonged to.

    Epona - I don't think the Zelda connection is bad !
    Mielikki - isn't it adorable? It's me-eh-LEE-kee.
    Myrling - it's actually more MIR-ling.
    Ursula - yes; The Ocean at the End of the Lane. It's really great!
    Verdandi - exactly like that.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Myrling >.< I pronounced it Mir-ling first and then went "Well if Eimyrja was ay-moor-ya (even though I was saying ay-mir-ya), then this MYR is probably Moor too." So I like it even more! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Persephone is lush. Guenevere is a lovely name, but I dislike this spelling!!! Surely it's Guinevere (I instead of the E) I also love Sophia which is a gorgeous classic. Unsure on Signe. I would rule out this combination if you do not feel attached to this name. Amelia is very sweet but she's so popular in England so for me she's a little over-used. I prefer Emilia she's just less familiar. Earhart isn't my thing. But if you have a strong connection to Earhart use her of course! Sylvana is intriguing though.

    Greek Goddess suggestions:
    Aphrodite 'Aphrodite & Persephone'
    Artemis 'Artemis & Persephone'
    Athena 'Athena & Persephone'
    Demeter 'Demeter & Persephone'
    Eirene 'Eirene & Persephone'
    Hebe 'Hebe & Persephone'
    Hera 'Hera & Persephone'
    Iris 'Iris & Persephone'
    Selene 'Selene & Persephone'

    Norse Goddess suggestions:
    Freyja 'Freyja & Persephone'
    Sol 'Sol & Persephone'
    Norse names:
    Eira 'Eira & Persephone'
    Brynja 'Brynja & Persephone'
    Auda 'Auda & Persephone'
    Ingrid 'Ingrid & Persephone'

    Ancient lovelies that work with Persephone:
    Dominica 'Dominica & Persephone'
    Honoria 'Honoria & Persephone'
    Viviana 'Viviana & Persephone'
    Florentina 'Florentina & Persephone'
    Isolde 'Isolde & Persephone'
    Minerva 'Minerva & Persephone'
    Aurelia 'Aurelia & Persephone'
    Titiana 'Titiana & Persephone'

    Historical lovelies that work with Persephone:
    Lolita 'Lolita & Persephone'
    Virginia 'Virginia & Persephone'
    Christabel 'Christabel & Persephone'
    Emmeline 'Emmeline & Persephone'
    Matilda 'Matilda & Persephone'
    Eleanor 'Eleanor & Persephone'
    Simone 'Simone & Persephone'
    Rosalind 'Rosalind & Persephone'

    Literacy lovelies that work with Persephone:
    Amaryllis 'Amaryllis & Persephone'
    Ariadne 'Ariadne & Persephone'
    Evangeline 'Evangeline & Persephone'
    Marigold 'Marigold & Persephone'
    Catalina 'Catalina & Persephone'
    Clarice 'Clarice & Persephone'
    Cosette 'Cosette & Persephone
    Emma 'Emma & Persephone'
    Hermione 'Hermione & Persephone'
    Isadora 'Isadora & Persephone'
    Juliet 'Juliet & Persephone'

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