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    Thoughts on Krosley

    Hi Berries!

    I was wanting some feedback on the name Krosley for a baby girl There is no info currently on nameberry. MN would be Kay (family name). Briggs is big brother. Other suggestions are welcomed too!


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    I would be curious to know where you found it, because I've never heard it before. It does not sound like a girls names to me at all. It sound made up to be perfectly honest, and very harsh for a little girl. How about Kelsey, Kerensa, Keira, Kirrily, or Kaia? Or, if you would consider C names, Cressida, Chrissa, Carly, Carlotta, or Mckinley. Just some suggestions, because I really dislike Krosley and hope you find something else you like better. Best of luck!

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    Krosley looks like a trendy Kardashian misspelling of the surname Crossley/Crosley so I'm not a fan. Crosley is an English surname which means "meadow of the cross". However next to Briggs, it sounds like a law firm. Do you like Colbie or Crosby?
    All the best,

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    I use to coach high school softball and there was a beautiful girl we used to play against named Krosley. I guess she makes it feminine for me. I also like Kerigan, Wellesley and Raleigh is growing on me. I'm fond of more unique names. Thanks for your input!

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    I hear the word 'crossly'. Not a good name in my opinion.

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