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    Thought maybe I would update this & say I had my first meeting with a Nurse Practitioner for the Family Birthing Unit I picked out. Hopefully, my next appointment will be with an actual midwife. Apparently this is a group of midwives & practitioners that work together, so I'm not sure who will actually assist my delivery. Sigh. They give you an option to have a free Doula which I think is pretty cool, but I also think it might piss me off to have an extra person in my face while I'm in labour.
    She's going to set me up for another ultrasound to try to get a more accurate due date. My family doctor is dating me as 25 weeks, then the last ultrasound tech dated me as what would today be 23 weeks. Today this nurse says I'm measuring at 25 weeks, which is what I would be going by my last period. So who knows!
    The nurse practitioner gave me a referral for bloodwork (mostly just an iron test) and the dreaded glucose test. I'm not going to take them. The iron test, sure, if I had any symptoms of an iron deficiency I would go get tested, but I refuse to go get tested "just because". I just had a bunch of blood tests done like 2 months ago for my family doctor and everything was shiny. And that glucose test? I'm absolutely not worried about gestational diabetes. I'm fairly active, I eat fairly reasonably, and I'm a petite girl so I'm sure it would be noticeable right away if anything was whacky. The glucose test they do is this unrealistic two hour test, you have to drink crazy sugar water and sit around and not move or pee. My bladder is tiny (when I watch a movie I usually get up a minimum of 3 times to pee) & I remember being in tears when I took the test last pregnancy because my bladder hurt so much. She set me up for a physical exam in a couple weeks, I am not excited about that at all. Am I being unreasonable? Should I just suck it up and take the tests even if I think they are unnecessary?
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    I took the glucose test, but I think it's safe to opt out if it was that horrible for you and you don't think there's much risk of diabetes. Although I do know some perfectly healthy women who had gestational diabetes and did catch it early with the test.
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    I have had a hospital birth with a midwife but haven't had an ob-led birth so can't compare the two. But yes, my midwife was there the whole time and she also acted as my advocate when the obstetrician on the ward wanted to call time on my pushing stage, which lasted three hours. My midwife said I was doing fine and needed no intervention, and that was the last word of that lol. A doula is also a good advocate. Yes they are there as support but that includes articulating your desires when you're not in the best position to advocate for yourself. Both independent midwives and doulas are generally more supportive than OBGYNs of natural birth, although it pays to interview them about their philosophy just to check.
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    I have 3 very good girl friends, all very healthy and active and petite - and all 3 caught their gestational diabetes thanks for the test. All 3 were stunned. Unfortunately, regardless of what you are when you're not pregnant, becoming pregnant can throw your body out of whack, particularly when it comes to blood sugar. All of the hormones and changes in your body can be tough for any healthy body to adjust to. Considering the damage gestational diabetes can do to both mom and baby, if untreated, I would absolutely say the uncomfortable 2 hours is worth it. And since I just did the test this past Friday myself, I obviously mean what I say. I'm very tall, slender, exercise regularly, etc., but I still drank the gross drink and sat there and waited. Was it fun? Certainly not - but these tests were created and are done for a reason. And one of the reasons we have so many more healthy babies now than we used to is because of a lot of these preventative measures (that many of us now take for granted).

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    On the subject of the glucose test- I'm pretty sure that you can take the test, but use your own glucose substitute with enough grams of sugar. Like, you could bring a healthier substitute for the horrible sugar water that they typically give. Ask for details from your midwife practice, but I've met women who chugged a Naked smoothie instead of the syrup that I endured! You still have to fast, but it's a healthier option. Also keep in mind if you do have gestational diabetes they will advice you to watch calorie intake and get exercise unless it's extreme. So, if you eat well and exercise anyway and you don't suspect you have it...well, personally, I still took it even though I knew I didn't have it, but next pregnancy I will probably use a glucose sub of my own or opt out

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