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    sarahmezz I am surprised you think Paris is *okay*... I know you have much more refined tastes so I was certain you'd have a worse reaction to it (I know the words tacky and trendy come to mind). I understand that this is a hit or miss name and I am okay with that.

    rknd after doing the research I came across the Parisii tribe and actually considered it but wondered if it would be a bit 'uncultured' (for lack of a better word) to name a human being after a tribe. I mean place names seem to be culturally acceptable but I wasn't sure if a tribal name would play out well. (yes I thought Parisii might make a cool name as well)

    rachbecca no it is not an absolute favorite name that I cannot live without, I have different styles of names I like and this is one of them... nothing is set in stone and of course her daddy would have a say in the final name. I just like putting my lists together and seeing if it sounds ridiculous outloud. I understand place names are not for everyone

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    Paris is certainly not trashy or tryndee at all. Paris was a Greek hero in ancient mythology! And it is a place name as well. The name has lots of history and has a nice sound, too.

    I don't really like any of the variants you listed. I'm not saying they are not nice, just not my style. I love the suggestion of Marais, but depending on where you live, pronunciation could be a potential problem.

    Have you considered Persis? I know it isn't at all related, but the names do sound similar and it does have history.

    Genevieve could be another possibility- the name has a rich history and she is the patron saint of Paris! The name means something like 'champion of women'.

    Good luck on your search for the perfect name!
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    merrybells... Place names don't have the best reaction on this site and I've seen those terms describe them as the general reactions.

    In terms of history and mythology with Paris, It was used as a male name then so I somehow don't feel right giving an ancient Greek male name to a female. Maybe I should have mentioned this in my description but I like it aesthetically and I like that it is considered to be the city of lights, love and one of the fashion capitals of the world.

    Thanks for that I had no idea Genevieve was the patron Saint of Paris, I considered Genevieve a while back as it would work well as a name in honor of my name... however atm it is not on my short list.
    Persis I like but not as much as Paris
    Thank you
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    I think tribal names are fair game once the tribes cease to be in existence. I'd see it as a way to honor the tribe. Esp. since Paris is essentially a tribal name. I can't imagine who'd be offended by Parisii. However, upon further is a bit close to 'parasite'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giinkies View Post
    sarahmezz I am surprised you think Paris is *okay*... I know you have much more refined tastes so I was certain you'd have a worse reaction to it (I know the words tacky and trendy come to mind).
    You're right, it's not my style, but I wouldn't say it's tacky or trendy. It's an ancient Greek mythological name, but the Paris Hilton connection does bring the name more downmarket.
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