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    Pls help me name my 2 day old beautiful baby boy

    Hi all, new to the forum, wish I had found it earlier. I would really appreciate your advice.

    My husband and I have had so much trouble settling on a boy's name. Our last name is Italian and C__lini (3 syllables). The middle name should be my maiden name (Croatian, T_-_-ic, 3 syllables). (My name would only appear on passport and diplomas, would not otherwise be used). We might add a first middle name for his father who passed away (Gianfranco, or Frank).

    So the name would be Firstname Gianfranco T_-_-ic C__lini. No hyphen. The name at school and in everyday life would simply be Firstname C_lini.

    Now, while my husband is of Italian descent, he is the only one in his family without a super Italian first name (Bruce) and feels that this "waspy" or "English-sounding" name helped him not be judged by his ethnicity and not become a "Gino". He does feel Italians are discriminated against and teased, or are associated with shows like Jersey shore, or are teased about having potential mob associations bc of shows like the Sopranos. I disagree and love Italian names, but have accepted that choosing a name like Leonardo C--lini may be a little over the top Italian for us native English-speaking North Americans.

    I have wanted to avoid names that are very popular, on the top 100 list, if possible.

    Here are names on our "longlist":
    Leo (Leonardo as long version was vetoed)

    We have narrowed it down to: Roman, Orson, and Oliver.

    Oliver sounds nice with C--lini as I think the "L" sounds to well together. The problem I have is that Oliver is a less distinctive name, is more popular, and it doesn't seem as strong a name to me, or masculine enough. Ollie is cute but I wonder if it is solid enough.

    Roman is a strong name and I think it suits the baby. However, we are worried that it is "too Italian" even though "Romano" would be the Italian version, the name coming from "citizen of Rome" might be too over the top, or trying to hard to be Italian, or having negative associations (like people saying the kid is destined to be a mob boss for eg). I like the idea of calling baby "Romy" but I know this is a girl's name, so maybe this won't be possible...

    Orson is also a strong name. However, we are scared it is too out of left field? We are not sure what we prefer!

    My husband likes Rowan a lot, likely bc it's an English name and avoids an Italian connotation, but I much prefer Roman as I feel it sounds stronger and more "manly", if I can say that.

    So, my question is:

    Should we go with Roman, Oliver, or Orson, or something on the long list?
    Is Roman C--lini too strongly ethnically Italian if we want our kid to just fit in with all kids and not be called a mobster?
    Is Romy too girly of a nickname?
    Should we drop the middle name of Gianfranco or Frank?

    Your opinions and suggestions are so appreciated. Would love to have a fresh perspective.

    Thank you

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    Roman, Orson, and Oliver. I agree with al your concerns with Oliver. You said you didn't want a popular name and Oliver feels popular (I don't know the actual stats)

    Roman is not really my style but I do love the Romy nn. I think it's unisex rather than a girls name. Rom, Roan, or Ro are other options. An Italian looking child called Roman wouldn't immediately make me think mobster or jersey shore, unless gold chains were involved!

    Orson I love Orson. I love the nn options of Ori and Sonny. I love that it means bear, that it is strong, masculine and has a great namesake. It's my faveriot on your list.

    Rowan would possibly sound too British with the Italian surname? Maybe?

    As for the mn it's fine. I see no reason not to use it. Most people never know your mn. I sometimes call my daughter by her first and middle names but only at home.

    Go with your heart on whatever you decide, I know comprise can be tough, my daughters name, Ayla was on neither my, nor my husbands lists, but the older she gets the more I feel it suits her perfectly.

    Good luck
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    Just off the bat, I'm saddened that you feel you need to use an English name to avoid teasing for your son; that's so wrong. What a reflection on today's society!
    I personally love Oliver. It is possibly more popular than you were hoping, but I think it's lovely: handsome, strong, fun and timeless.
    I would keep both middles if they have significance to you.
    I also love Oscar. Oscar C--lini is fabulous.
    I'm not a huge fan of Orson: to me it sounds like arson. That's probably just me though.
    Some other suggestions (not sure if you're open or not):
    Patrick Gianfranco T---ic C--lini
    Alexander Gianfranco T---ic C--lini
    Finley Gianfranco T---ic C--lini
    Julian Gianfranco T---ic C--lini
    Felix Gianfranco T---ic C--lini
    Max Gianfranco T---ic C--lini
    Anthony Gianfranco T---ic C--lini
    Joshua Gianfranco T---ic C--lini
    Matthew Gianfranco T---ic C--lini
    Wonder if any of these appeal to you? Best of luck!

    twenty-two | law student

    * Beatrix * Nell * Penelope * Felicity * Margo *

    * Theodore * Hugo * Edmund * Felix * Oscar *

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    I really like Roman, Oscar & Oliver.

    I wouldn't associate the name Roman as an Italian name. I have a friend with this name who is of Irish background.
    Eudora - Dorothea - Violetta - Odelia - Augusta - Odette - Isolde - Ondine - Leopoldine - Amaryllis - Sixtine -
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    Second vote for Oscar!! Sounds great with the last name, without the type of teasing potential you were worried about.
    Like above suggestion Felix too.
    Hugo could be added to the list, is a full name and has same vibe as Leo without being over the top Italian.

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