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    Opinions on Reeve

    I was just wondering what people's opinions on the name Reeve were. Do you think it is to feminine? What do you think a person named Reeve would be like? What about the spelling? Does anyone like these better, Reev Reave Reav? Are there any names similar to it? What about middle names, do you think it needs a long middle or could work with a short one?
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    Reeve is okay, and I would stick to that spelling. I don't find it feminine, at all. A similar name is Reid, which I like better. I think it would look and sound best with a longer middle name.
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    I think of Christopher and that makes it too tragic. I like Reed much better.

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    I really like Reeve for either a girl or a boy. It sounds similar to Reed and Lee, either of which I'd probably use before Reeve.
    The associations I most think of are Reeve Lindbergh, a writer and Charles Lindbergh's daughter, and Christopher Reeves.

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    Love the name Reeve. There was some TV movie a while back and the main character's name was Reeve. I too prefer this spelling.

    Let's see. Middle names for Reeve are

    Reeve Rafferty
    Reeve Atticus
    Reeve Edward
    Reeve Sebastian
    Reeve Archer
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