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    I think that Oliver or Marcus would be perfect for you - they're both strong, manly names (characteristics that seem important to you in a name). You have a really great list.

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    Congratulations on your new arrival! I'm a huge fan of the name Rowan, I don't really think Brit when I hear it. I agree that it is a softer sound than Roman, but still a strong name. Your little guy could rock it.

    I like Roman and I don't really think Italian when I hear it. I think the name has been around enough to shed that exclusive association. Paired with an Italian last night, I think it's okay. I mean, yes, it does suggest an Italian family and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. You love the name, it represents his family and heritage, it suits him, then go for it!

    I prefer Orson over Oliver.
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    How about Ronin or Ronan? I really like the suggestion of Oscar, too. Orson is also great.

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    I think Orson Gianfranco C. would be wonderful. Orson is strong and masculine without going overboard in the machismo department (I thinking of Roman here). It's a rare name but yet familiar to most people. I love Oscar, Oliver and Marcus too.
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    I think of Roman as more Latin than Italian despite the obvious connection. I don't think it sounds "over-the-top" Italian at all.

    Depending on the flow with whichever name you go with, you might want to consider Frank in the second spot instead of Gianfranco, just to trim down the length of the name. I think Orson Frank or Oliver Frank would be really cute.

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