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  • Maeve

    22 52.38%
  • Mae

    9 21.43%
  • Corinne

    6 14.29%
  • Eloise

    5 11.90%
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    Lila, Nora and Maeve is a perfect set to my ears! Simply delightful!
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    Im happy to hear people think maeve works with the sibset! I was worried maeve didnt sound as vintage as sisters. do you guys picture a maeve to have a different personality from mae/may? Love all the feedback! Please keep it coming! I was in a name
    fog/slump and this really helps.

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    This is tough. I like all of your names. I would eliminate Corinne because Nora and Corinne are too matchy. Eloise and Lila are similar too with the l's. That leaves Mae, Maeve and Claire. Maeve goes well her Irish soulmate Nora wheares Mae goes better with the vintage Lila. I think Maeve is more interesting than Mae so between those two, it would be my choice. Claire is pretty versatile and she would be a good "match " with both girls. For her sweetness and versatility, I'm voting for Claire.
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    I think these are all lovely choices. I adore both Corrine and Eloise. I kept changing my vote and finally settled on Corrine. I voted before reading Lila and Nora.
    Lila, Nora, and Eloise- My favorite group.. just seems to fit, I can't explain it!! Love it!
    Lila, Nora, and Corrine- I think Corrine is less "sweet" (Eloise is sweeter to me)... but I still like it very much overall.
    Lila, Nora, and Maeve- Lovely, do not care for Maeve personally, but I do like it very much with your group
    Lila, Nora, and Mae- I think this is my least favorite with the group, although I like the name Mae, it seems that the other two outshine it.

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    I like Corinne and love Eloise, but I think Maeve is perfect with sibs. (and I really like it ) Mae is just boring to me I guess, especially next to all these lovely names.

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