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  • Maeve

    22 52.38%
  • Mae

    9 21.43%
  • Corinne

    6 14.29%
  • Eloise

    5 11.90%
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    Maeve or Mae?-help! 4 weeks left

    Maeve or Mae?

    Which name do you like better and why? Sisters are Lila and Nora. We are 4 weeks away from the due date and need the expertise of the berries!

    what are your thoughts on our other names:

    Any opinions or new suggestions would be so appreciated!
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    Eloise is my favorite name on your list, but I think Claire or Maeve would fit with your daughters' names the best.
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    I prefer Mae to Maeve but I voted Eloise

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    I went with Maeve, but this is such a hard choice! I guess I chose it because it is just a bit more substantial, and a bit more unique. I love both names, as well as Mabel and about a dozen other M names that are so hard to choose between.
    Corinne - I don't love this. The only Corinne's who I have known are in their 40s or 50s now, so I guess I associate it as a "mom" name. Although, I do kind of like Corinna. And Cora...
    Eloise - Love. My favorite nickname for her is Lou. I think that with sisters Nora and Lila though, I prefer Maeve or Mae.
    Claire - I like this, but I know too many for it to really excite me. It does sound good with Nora and Lila though. I do love Clara!

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    I don't find Mae any less substantial than Maeve, although I prefer the May spelling. I prefer Maeve as it has got more "character". Mae could always be used as a very natural nickname anyway.
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