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    First Impression of Alyona?

    What's your thoughts of Alyona ?

    Russian heritage & means light/torch

    How would you pronounce it?

    Do you know any connections to the name?

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    A-Leona? I like it...I had a grade school friend named Leona, so I thought of her, but prefer this Russian form. Alyona Katarina would be sweet.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I like it. I would pronounce it ally-oh-nah, and then I recognized the sound. There is a Belarusian family in my church, and the oldest daughter is named Alena. In English, it's spelled Alena, anyway. When we first met the family and were learning the children's names, the parents introduced her as al-YOH-nah (or Al-(ee)-yoh-nah--it's hard to explain in English!) as the proper Russian pronunciation (we were very confused, because the older sister was Alena, and the younger Alina!). I'm not sure why they decided to transpose it to English like that, as the "E" sound doesn't compare to the "yo" sound at all, and Alyona would have probably been a much better way to go about it. I think most people call her ah-LEE-nah or ah-LAY-nah, but my well-meaning mom who has no talent for languages always ends up calling her ah-LOH-nah. I still find it very beautiful and unexpected; I would love to meet another one!
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    That is a cute combo rkdr, although I always read Katraine as Katrina at first lol & that's how I say it like ally-oh-nuh but I keep reading different ways like uh-lone-nuh..

    Alina & Alena would be difficult I. I met a Yelena (ya-laine-a) which I thought was pretty & also a Alena (uh-laine-uh). Oh & I worked with a Miroslava that went by Mirka!

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    It's beautiful if pronounced the proper Russian way. I find it a wonderful Slavic version of Helen(so it means light too, for sure) but of course I pronounce it properly, hehe. Alyona is all sunlight, laughter, hopscotch, bright ribbons and braids.
    I won't even try to explain correct prn because it has the cyrillic letter in it that doesn't exist in English, you can understand only if you hear it so maybe use audio?
    Honestly, if I was you, I won't use it because no-one will pronounce it right and using the easier prn is bad, it won't be Alyona.
    Connections: Alyona is the main character, a young beautiful girl, in almost all Russian folk tales. I don't have time now but if you are interested, I can tell you more later.
    Also, Russians don't use nicknames for this one except maybe Alyonuska.

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