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    I would find it terrifying for the same reason I generally dislike naming children after any specific person; I wouldn't want that child to be saddled with a name that reflected my own failures and poor choices. I want that child to have their own name to attribute their failures and poor choices to.

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    You mentioned that she changed her name at the same time she was officially adopted into the family. Perhaps this is her way of symbolizing that she is a part of the 'forever family' - choosing a name that connects herself to her grandfather (her now 'forever mother's or father's' father) she is creating a bond that reaches into the past, establishing family roots.

    If that's the case, I think it's rather nice.

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    I think if I was in your shoes, I would be livid. Mainly because she didn't ask for my permission so I didn't get the chance to tell her no (but I'm also not named after anyone, I would have hated to have been named after anyone). I don't want anyone to be named after me. Period. Not my children, not my children children's etc... my name is mine. I hate the whole idea of honoring, it takes away from the uniqueness of the name. (this is all just my opinion)

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    You are entitled to feel however you wish especially since you were not consulted. However, I would feel honored if someone named their child after me or even because they heard my name because of me and liked it. I don't feel that my name needs to belong to me and me only.
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    Out of curosity, do you mind sharing what your name is and what she chose as her name? You said it dropped one letter.
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