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    Having Someone Named After You

    I'm overwhelmed with curiosity here and even though this situation has come and gone, I still wonder sometimes "what would someone else do if they were faced with that?" Since I've never talked to anyone about this other than family and close friends... I thought who better to ask than all the lovely berries to get a real honest opinion on this unique situation?

    Here's the scenario:

    A couple of years ago my teenage cousin decided to be officially adopted by my aunt and uncle. Our families rejoiced in her decision to choose us as her "forever family". Shortly after her decision, she requested that she change her entire name. We all understood her reasoning and supported her decision. She was leaving the old behind and embracing her new life... it completely made sense.
    The name she chose immediately for herself was my name, minus one letter. Unwavering in her decision, it became official.

    Now let me explain that I was named after my grandfather who died shortly before I was born and I always felt a closeness to him because of it. You could say that my name has been a huge highlight of my life, like a gold star I wear daily, and something that I take enormous pride in.
    Obviously, I was shocked and a little upset with the decision. I felt as if my name had being encroached on, like someone just hoped inside my personal bubble to set up camp and live there for the rest of their lives. It was such a strange feeling... I wonder if I would have felt differently had my name not been SO special to me and close to my heart.

    What I'm wondering is, how would YOU react in this situation? Would you be happy? Flattered? Angry? Squirmy?
    Has anyone close to you ever been named after you? Or named something that closely resembled your name?
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    That would be strange, but they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think in most cases, it's a baby being named for a family member--which would generally be considered a great honor. I don't know...I was given a name that is the diminutive form of the name given to my (then 2 yr old) first cousin...we were the first two grandkids in the family. I'm not sure what my parents were thinking, and my cousin didn't grow up to be someone I'd want to emulate. We live far apart, and aren't close, so I guess it's not a huge deal, but people really should be more sensitive to identity issues.

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    I would be uncomfortable if they named the baby Olivia or Livia, or even just Liv or Livi, because I go by all of those. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind if they named the baby Olive or Ollie.
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    Interesting question. I think that honestly, I would be disappointed to have to share my name under those circumstances. Were you two particularly close when she decided to re-name herself? I'm sure your cousin meant it as a compliment to you, but because your name was chosen specifically to honour your grandfather it does seem strange to have to share it with someone who doesn't have the same connection to your grandfather as you do and who may have also chosen the name partly because it sounds nice to them rather than for it's meaning.

    I feel like it would be a different situation if your aunt and uncle had named a baby after you, though.

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    No, we weren't particularly close at the time.
    It's funny, your last comment is exactly how I tried to change my perspective to find some peace... If she had been born into our family and given that name, it would feel normal and my blood pressure wouldn't spike whenever I heard it.

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