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    Question Brother for Tessa, husband hates everything!! Help. (20 wks)

    The names we can agree on are:


    Any similar suggestions? It seems like he was more willing to use a unique name for a girl, but now we're having a boy he won't do anything even slightly fun. He already turned down Digory, Leander, and many bible names like Ezra... though he said he liked Ezra, but he didn't want to use it. He refuses to do any Surname names, like Edison or Emerson. I highly doubt he will go for anything country sounding (Tucker or Willoughby).

    The following are family names, but I'm not sure he will go for them (more likely as middles):


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    Hayden, Nolan, Bennett, Philip... I dunno there's lots of good names out there- it's hard. Good luck

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    I like Matthew, Thomas and August as first names; Lowell, Darwin and Emmett as mns. I found it hard to match them, since almost all have two syllables and sound a bit robotic together. Perhaps August Emmett Finn; Matthew Thomas Lowell...Any suggestions from the husband??

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    Phineas is great! A little more 'fun', too.
    I would take Thomas off the list; it's too close to Tessa for me (which by the way is gorgeous!)

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    Darwin - To me this name is like Melvin or Seymour...I just get a really uncool old guy vibe! ;O Corwin or Corbin instead?
    Matthew - Not much interest for me, it's just been overused I think.
    Phineas - Is cool. But Tessa & Phineas? Lots of s's and I'm not sure the two "fit." Finnian instead?
    Henry - Tessa & Henry, I like! Henry is one of those names that still has some style and punch to it despite being so well used over the centuries.
    Emmett - Tessa & Emmett is okay but a bit repetitive with the e's and t's. Emery instead?
    Thomas - Tessa & Thomas is also okay but repetitive with the t's and s's. Theo instead?

    My favorite of your middles is August & I love the combo Henry August! That gets my vote hands down.

    A few more ideas:

    Tessa & Callum
    Tessa & James
    Tessa & Deacon
    Tessa & Lachlan
    Tessa & Charlie
    Tessa & Christopher, nn Kit
    Tessa & Jack
    Tessa & Ethan
    Tessa & Gavin
    Tessa & Benjamin

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