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    Lev, Elias, or Aren?

    Needing help for a boy's name: What do you think of the names Lev, Elias, or Aren? Hoping Aren is pronounced "AH-ren", as I'm not keen on AAron.

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    Loooove Elias!

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    All good names!

    Lev - I see that it means "heart" in Hebrew. I love it. It's easy to read & spell, uncommon, cool. I would probably call him Levvy/Levvie or something as a baby as it strikes me as a very grown-up, manly kind of name.
    Elias - I've liked this name for a long time! I'm not as taken with the meaning of it as I am with Lev. But to me I can see it on a little boy as well as a father.
    Aren - I like the sound of it with the "ah-ren" pronunciation. But it is something to consider that throughout his life people who read it before it is said to them will probably always say it like Aaron and then he has to correct might get old.

    So...I don't think I could decide between Lev & Elias without considering middle & last name combination!

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    I really like the AH-ren pronunciation of Aren. However I agree that it will be a lifetime of correcting people. Do you like Oren at all?

    I love the name Elias, but more popular, so I think maybe I'd vote for Lev. It's cute and handsome at the same time!

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    Elias - love! great name

    Lev - nice name, I personally prefer Levi, but Lev is nice as well

    Aren - meh, it's okay. Honestly, at first look I'd probably assume it was a yooneek spelling of Aaron. What about Ari?
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