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    Naming your son something normal isn't a bad thing.
    Absolutely; I agree with you. We just happen to have an uber-common last name (Jackson), so picking something more distinctive was one of my goals. There are lots of people with mine and my husbands' names, and I find it annoying. That's my personal opinion, but I don't like my information getting mixed up with other peoples' information. It's happened at the bank! It's happened at the jewler. We keep getting mail for a different person with the same name.

    I totally appreciate all the extra suggestions. We've decided to add Andrew to the list (my brother's name), Peter, Dexter, Nathaniel/Nathan, and possibly Owen. I love Berries. They're the best!!

    <3 Steph

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    I've always loved Andrew, as well as Peter - they were more common when I was young (showing my age here - but it's not only young folk who are name nerds!!) I wasn't sure what you meant by something a bit unusual at would be great to see a baby with a name from my era though! Glad you were able to find inspirations from some other suggestions too.

    Good luck in finding your perfect combination!

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