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    I love Henry, Matthew, and Thomas, and Emmett is great too! Phineas is cute with nn Phin! Good luck!!

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    There is nothing wrong with your list. Naming your son something normal isn't a bad thing. I love Henry and Darwin is also a favorite of mine.
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    my advice is to start liking a really hideous name... that you know he absolutely hates, or like an ex-boyfriends name... and then you could always fall back on your favorite from the list - kinda forcing him into agreeing with your favorite from the list... this worked well for me. My husband despises the name Gunther and I would bring it up again and again, forcing him to go with one of my favorites from our agreed list - Dakoda was born 6 days ago - we are enjoying our little guy immensely!

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    Firstly, congratulations on the coming arrival of your son! I like most of the names of your list, (though Darwin is nms) and some are as previously stated a bit 's' or 't' heavy...though Matthew has been a long time favourite for me.

    Some ideas for other names:

    Tessa and Oscar
    Tessa and Oliver
    Tessa and Orlando
    Tessa and Jude
    Tessa and Leo
    Tessa and Laurence
    Tessa and Maxwell
    Tessa and Nathaniel
    Tessa and Nicholas
    Tessa and Miles
    Tessa and Mitchell
    Tessa and Campbell
    Tessa and Edward
    Tessa and Owen
    Tessa and Patrick
    Tessa and Lincoln
    Tessa and Morris
    Tessa and Murray
    Tessa and Liam
    Tessa and Ronan
    Tessa and Xavier
    Tessa and Hugo
    Tessa and Felix
    Tessa and Benedict
    Tessa and Flynn
    Tessa and Rupert
    Tessa and Breccan
    Tessa and Dylan

    Some of these are also 't' or 's' heavy - I hope something here helps!

    Good luck and all the best!

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