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    Love Aubrey. In my top two! Everly is cute, but I just heard of 3 babies named that.

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    Anne, Elizabeth, Alexis and Ava are all great names, rather than looking for more names you should choose your top two from the names you already like and have your husband choose his top two. These are even great name/middle name combos here .... Elizabeth Ann, Alexis Elizabeth, Ava Alexis. Do you like nicknames? If not than Anne and Ava are a better choice for you. If you like nicknames than Elizabeth and Alexis would be a better choice.
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    We love Everly and Audrey. Good luck!

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    I would go ahead and use Avery. You are always going to meet other people with the same name unless it is a really obscure name. Avery is perfect with your other girls. If you really can't do it, then I would go with Aubrey.

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