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    Niiskuneiti’s Name the Babies...with a twist!! R2

    What great names from the first round! It was really tough to pick. I’m excited to see what you guys come up with this time : )

    All of these families require unusual (perhaps outrageous) names. I’ll pick my favorites from your answers and use them for the next round.

    Family #1 - Zenon Beautiful Starr and Atlas Purple Haze Vega

    Pop stars Zenon and Atlas are expecting their second child, another girl. They want to give her a name bold enough to stand on its own as a stage name. They love Andromeda’s name but don’t want to have any common themes among their children’s names (ex: all A-names, mythology, etc.) No middle names necessary.

    DD: Andromeda [danni]

    Family #2 - Faye Jeannette Donahue and Idris Orson Donahue

    Faye and Idris are expecting another set of twins, this time girls. Their farm is still thriving and they love raising their kids in the great outdoors. They want to pay homage to mother nature for all that she has given them, but they don’t want to use nature names that are at all popular - they want truly unusual nature names, like Zephyr and Solstice. Middle names should honor Faye’s father Harris and Idris’s father Damian.

    DS & DS: Zephyr Carin & Solstice Jaime [redvelvet]
    DD & DD:

    Family #3 - Ella Paulina McCabe and Genevieve Esmée Diderot

    When they decided to start a family, Ella and Genevieve knew they wanted a lot of kids and promised they’d take turns being the biological mother. Genevieve gave birth to the triplets, and now it’s Ella’s turn to be pregnant. She is expecting one child, a boy; Edwin has again agreed to be the biological father. They want to give their son a two-syllable first name and again honor as many of their cultures as possible: Ella’s family is Finnish and Scottish; Genevieve is French; and their best friend Edwin, who has donated his sperm, is from Ecuador. They love the letters W, X, Y, and Z.

    DS & DS & DD: Adair Winston, Gabin Dexter, & Suvi Beatriz [danni]

    Family #4 - Nerissa Belle Edwards and Gideon James Rice

    Novelist couple Nerissa Belle Edwards and Gideon James Rice are expecting their second child, a boy. They want him to have a literary name like Galadriel’s, but not from Lord of the Rings this time. They want him to have two middle names, also after literary characters. Their favorite genres are fantasy, children’s books, and classic English literature. They don’t wish to repeat any initials. His surname will be Edwards-Rice.

    DD: Galadriel Eloise Jane [eeyoregirl2009]

    Family #5 - Hadley Beth Fox & Caleb Nathaniel Percy
    Years have passed, and things are going well for the Percy-Fox family. Hadley and Caleb both graduated from high school and college, and little Casimir is now five years old and doing well. Caleb proposed to Hadley at their college graduation party, and the date is set for May of next year. While planning the wedding, Hadley found out she is pregnant again. The baby will be a girl. Hadley and Caleb want to give her THREE MIDDLE NAMES: two to honor their mothers, Julia and Megan, who have played a huge role in raising their son, and one rockstar name. Her first name should as unusual and exotic as Casimir.

    DS: Casimir Phoenix Lennon [savbav]

    Family #6 - Avi Joshua Cates and Sabrina Meredith Cates

    Emmeline and Cora are now 2 years old, and Avi and Sabrina have decided to adopt another child from China - this time a boy. They want to give their son a classic American name that is not in the top 100, and two middle names: one Jewish and one Chinese.

    DD & DD: Emmeline Selah Xiu & Cora Ilana Xin [meganlee2012]
    New momma to twin boys!

    Arlo Sebastian & Ezra Valentine
    Born 1/1/2014

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