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    Let's talk about Lettie (Letty?)

    I've long been hoping to stumble across the perfect nn for Violet (which is pretty high up on my short list!). Vi and Etta/Ettie don't do it for me, and while Vivi is cute for somebody else's baby, I doubt I'd ever use it. I find Via, Vio, Io, Viola, etc. to be nice, but a bit too much something next to sweet Violet. Lola's too much of a stretch for me. And while I LOVE Liddy and Lottie, and would love for them not to be too much of a stretch, I feel they are.

    Which leaves me with Lettie (Letty?), essentially. Unless there's something I'm missing completely. I've always had a strong aversion to it, because I grew up hearing horror stories about a grossly overweight little old lady in my mom's church when she was growing up--how this woman would throw herself onto the pew and it would rock the whole church, etc. The total epitome of ungraceful and unflattering and definitely not sweet and like an adorable little lady! At least, that's how I've felt for years. But recently I've gotten into the Fast and Furious movies, and love Letty Ortiz as a character, and she gives it a totally different image. So it has me reconsidering.

    If you heard Lettie/Letty, what sort of little girl do you imagine in your mind? Which spelling do you prefer? If you had a Violet, would you use Lettie/Letty as a nn? (Convince me to love Lettie, Berries!)

    And as a hail Mary pass, is there any possible way that Lottie or Liddy (or even Litty?) could work as a nn for Violet? Or am I just off my rocker? (It's okay, you can totally say I am. )

    Thanks, Berries!
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