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    Pronunciation of Seraphia? Also, WDYT?

    I've recently become intrigued by the name Seraphia (a saint's name, alternately spelled Serapia). I've been pronouncing it basically like Seraphina without the "n" -- Sair-ruh-FEE-ah -- but now I wonder if the stress should actually be on the second syllable, Sair-RAH-fee-ah. (Similar to the word "tilapia".) Does anybody know which is correct? Google hasn't been any help at all.

    Also, what do you think of Seraphia in general? We wouldn't use it as a first name, but it's tentatively on my list of possible middles (along with the more familiar Seraphine and Seraphina).
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    I agree with you, I would pronounce it like Seraphina without the 'n'.

    I really don't know much etymology on the name, so I'm not sure if I am correct.
    I think it would be fabulous as a middle name.
    Seraphina is on my list though so I think you have made a lovely choice

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    You could always accent the i to drive the point home. It would be pronounced sair-AH-fee-ah if it was Spanish, but then it would likely be spelled Serafia. The second syllable is always accented unless accented elsewhere. English speakers would likely pronounce it the way you've described.

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    I would have instinctively said it your way, Seraphina without the n stress on the FEE. I think it's actually very pretty but that you'll probably get a lot of "Seraphina?" For a middle I think it's great! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Agree with the others. I think both Seraphina and Serafia are not well known enough for most people to have assumptions. Once you pronounce it for them, they will follow suit. (please vote!)

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