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    Corabelle,Kylie,Collette and Kresley Combinations

    I'm writing a story about twin sisters, and I have four names picked out, but there are two girls, not four. I need help eliminating 2 of the names and picking which pair fits best together. Here are the personalities of the girls.
    Girl 1: goes missing at age 15, but is still a big part in the story. Vibrant, charismatic, bright, has some anger issues, rebels against her parents a lot and daring. Loves rock climbing, zip-lining, swimming, going out to parties, decorating rooms, throwing paint balloons at canvases and watching corny romantic chick flicks. She hates science class, roller-coasters, reading, golf, vans, bowling, painting with actual brushes, singing, blueberries and people who shop at Target. Has blonde hair and blue eyes, 5 foot 4(when she was 15), skinny, beautiful
    Girl 2: story is from her POV(point of view). Is 17 years old, clever, bright, funny, a little bit selfish, judgemental, great leader, cheeky. Hates zip-lining, chocolate chip cookies, hot weather, paint ball, sky diving, containment, planes and heights. She loves roller coasters, ferrets, reading, partying, being in charge, candy corn, acting, singing, rainbows, basketball and Kesha. Blondish-brown hair and chestnut eyes. 5 foot 6(at 17 years old), c-cup, skinny and popular

    so, yea. Also, if anyone wanted to add a different set of names, that would be great!

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    Off your list - I'd call Girl 1 Kylie, and Girl 2 Collette. But I'm not too sure those two go together as sisters - they're completely different styles - so here are a few more suggestions -


    Charlotte nn Charlie



    I'm not entirely sure all of those have any similarities in style either, but I hope it helped. Good luck!
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