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    Kindergarten Class in 2018

    Here is your chance to name a kindergarten class in 2018. There are 20 students in the class and you get to pick all their names using the most popular names from 2012 as a guide. Although some kids would be born other years it's just easier to use the 2012 list. However you need to follow a few rules:

    1)Four children's names must be from the top 10 list from the year 2012.
    2)Five children's names must be between ranked 10-50 from the year 2012.
    3)Three children's names must be between 50-100 from the year 2012.
    4)One child's name must not be on the top 1000 names from 2012.
    5)Seven children's names must rank from 100-1000 from the year 2012.
    6)There is one set of twins.
    7)Surnames and genders are your choice.
    8)The name popularity is for their given name. Feel free to give them nicknames or have them use middle names or whatever you wish.
    Mother to: Patrick Werner (3/10) , Mary Claire (06/12) and Margaret Rose (05/15)

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    Sophia's Names:

    Girls~ Olivia Grace, Cassidy Ellen, Orla Alice, Isobel Raine, Amabel Jaclyn, Bronwyn Noelle & Madeleine Greer
    Boys~ Deacon Matthew, Reilly Brooks, Sawyer Evan, Liam Jordan, Elliott Noah, Rowan Jude & Gage Michael

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    Olivia Madison Gibbs (sister to Emma)
    Emma Elizabeth Gibbs (sister to Olivia
    Liam Alexander Montenegro
    Jacob Michael Anderson
    Alyssa Hailey O'Neil
    Lucas Isaiah Patricks
    Natalie Claire Abraham
    Samuel Joseph Ryan "Sam"
    Tallulah Rose Riley "Lula"
    Elias Maxwell James "Eli"
    Kendall Maria Wyatt
    Lincoln Kenneth Baker
    Josie Amelia Tennant
    Elliott Skyler Michaels
    Georgia Eloise Brennan
    Ari Zachariah Veel
    Girls: Aria Charlotte, Ava Giselle
    Boys: Harper Nathaniel, Beau Alexander

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    Teenage Name Fanatic.



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