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    I've wondered this exact thing, as Magnolia is our top girl's name (due in Dec, gender unknown)....are we southern enough to legitimately use it? I definitely think it evokes Southern imagery because Magnolia trees are so iconic in much of the South, even though, yes, they do grow in other places. I have spent about 1/2 my life in N FL, but I've debated about whether the Southern association is too strong for me, since I was born in the Midwest and still consider myself a Midwesterner at heart. I do think it's smart to consider if the name has strong associations, and what people might assume based on that. Honestly, my fear is that our more truly "born and bred" Southern friends will think it's odd or "poserish" for us to use the name.

    Mostly I've come down on the side that, yes, it's a bit unusual and has a strong association, but I really like the fact that it connects to where we've lived in the South, that it will be a sweet reminder to our long-distance friends and family in the South, and I don't really care if some people find it odd or surprising.

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    I knew a girl with Magnolia as her middle name and she was African American & born & raised in Brooklyn. No idea if her family has Southern roots & that's why they picked it. I've never met anyone else with this name. For me, it's a beautiful name that I've considered because I have fond memories of playing under Magnolias with my cousins at my aunt's apartment complex in NJ! We have Magnolia trees out here too!

    I think the Southern name stereotypes are Surname names on girls, whimsical choices, Mary-something double names...but I feel like the same could be said for Mormons, Hipsters or anyone!

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    Pacific Northwest is usyall pretty liberal. We're in Vancouver BC, but I think here or in Victoria BC, Seattle or Portland you can probably get away with just about everything. When I think southern, I think of names like "Dee" or Toddlers and Tiaras types of names.
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    ha! yes! 110%! and personally, I think often they are pretty cute. double names are also very southern. "mary lucy" just read the book The Help, it's all about southern names.

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    I am also from the Pacific Northwest, and I have never met a Magnolia. It is the one name that my man and I agree on, it is the name that allowed us to quit thinking about girl's names, and we don't plan on thinking of any other girl names unless we end up with a daughter's THE name and we love it for so many reason, superficial, and personal. There is definitely a Southern charm to it, and that is one reason we adore it.

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