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    Is there a such thing as "southern" names?

    I am wanting to name my daughter Magnolia. Everyone I tell kind of gives me a weird look- I'm wondering if everyone that applauds this name is from the south were it seems to be much more popular. We are in the pacific north west. So is this name taboo for us?

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    I felt the same way about Magnolia! But if you like it use it, I think its cute. I never met a Magnolia & the last 4 years ive been at the center of the soutern belt. It scared me off because of the stereotype & most people I know would probly think the same thing but honestly it doesnt hold grounds anywhete I think, & once the name is on the baby they wont care.

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    I am from the South and don't know anyone with this name. I think it invokes a Southern image, but it definitely an offbeat name. I think it is cute.

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    It sounds like a regal, southern name, but I have never met a Magnolia & I have lived in the south my entire life. When people say a name sounds southern, I think it's more of a way of saying it is an unusual name with a lot of charm like people use in the south. That certainly doesn't mean you need to be in or from the south to use it.

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    It's not very common anywhere. It is used more in the South, but I see no reason why it must be avoided outside the South. It's a beautiful flower. You could be getting weird looks because people don't like the sound, the uniqueness, or flower names in general.

    My apologies if this posts twice; I tried to post it before with a whitepages link to show distribution of the name among US states; however it is requiring moderator approval before posting.
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